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I am a definitive person of high morals who holds a strong grip to the backing beliefs of old and half lost Chivalries times. I am a true supporter of needing to achieve accomplishments off of one’s own esteem and hard work and upon my own life have I tried hard to uphold this iron chiseled law. I have had the creativeness to compose detailed scenarios since a very young age that if not clipped at a heel led me into much trouble. As I later sculpted it into mini stories and games did I find I had a talent yes but more then that could I always learn to adapt and add to them. The thought of ever being an author never sailed across my mind because I’ll admit it, English and grammar were not my strong suit.

I have had the inspiration to write all my life but really only the main plots were in my mind. To make up and fill in the small bits to connect them took much more time and thought. I developed my writings through aid of my loving wife and my own fresh outlook to the highly inspired world of fantasy. She pushed me into the creative art by literally a debt saying “Well if you don’t like the way certain things have been written and filmed, write your own!” So I did just that.

The tale I have written is one most sought after by readers captivated by romance, fantasy, epic realism and darkened truths. Readers can expect a vivid picture to be drawn to their minds upon reading each page and the ever twisting plot will keep them reading on. The truth I speak of is one found in all parts of the known world we live in now, and societies wouldn’t be in the messes and turmoil without them ever existing. But like all things that need balance, they are essential to keep lives living on.

I will be blogging about fantasy writing, medieval times, my collections and my  books. I look forward to  your comments and suggestions, and to hearing from anyone interested in these subjects.

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