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Reaper Pendant

Posted in Blog with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on November 12, 2010 by colossusofevil

A few weeks ago I blogged about a piece in my collection. I would like share something new with you all. This is one of my most cherished artifacts, it’s called the Reaper Guard Talisman and holds the purpose in keeping one’s soul to the wearer. I don’t belive in every word lore and history has put to some of these items as the definitions are quiet…well out there shall we say. This one holds to me two very important things. First it was the very first piece to my own collection, it was sent to me I’m positive by mistake with no return address or contact information all the way from England. This is what spawned my need for a collection of my own which has brought to many pieces I now have to my study and around my home. The second is again what I belive to be yet another act of  fate. When I began to have the distributor of my book Authorhouse create my cover and pages, I wished to have them create a unique insignia for each of my chapter divinations. When they said they were done with the final draft to my chapter symbol, I was in awe.  They were almost identical and I had never emailed a picture of the necklace to the artist.

The amulet to this very day I wear under my shirt, I don’t fully belive in it’s written abilities but it leaves me to wonder, never have I been diagnosed with an incurable sickness,  I had  miscued on a traffic light color that had me run through a critical high moving intersection which left me and my car unharmed. When I ran through it no one was coming through. And lastly my first love became my wife, my first car has been with me long enough for me to now restore…it seems that anything I have ever first tried has been successful. I’m now curious to wonder if this item holds the gifts of relinquishing personal anguish and unveiling torment.