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Legendary Icons of the Realm

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Sephinroth- Elder Red Dragon

Thinking of herself as a genetic mystic Sephinroth brought to her draconic name fear whenever it was spoken. she took victums against their will to be used in her expariments that held neither consiquence of morality or cander. For decades in her youth as she increased in draconic class and title she brought much to the dragon council to her kin, developments in artifacts and new spells were created by her hands and mind but not as satisfied as the council was she poured on deeper into her work, shunning out even her own kin.

She attempted to fabricate and manipulate the vary threads that drive life itself, bleeding and blending as one new creations from beings of opposing climates and powers leaving in them all strenths and no weaknesses. With her tests and trials leaving her unpopular to the world at large she harboured with others of her kin for saftey that in the end costed some their very lives. Her own kin pleeded with her to end these ways as fear of the impact it would have to the grand scale but seeing only that jelousy formed to their hearts Sephinroth never backed down, she was in the end exiled from her very own kin and clan. knowing that her kin`s council barred items she used on a endless manner she took them, backlash to come to her was certain and with such desperation she murdered the clan while they slept, an act she herself never thought was capable.

She left the volcanic summit and with her clan now gone and her without a soul one focused drove her onword, the creation of the perfect being, succumbed and manipulated by her and her alone. Growing into a legend of terror and destruction Sephinroth took the better part of ten centuries to compleate her task, the moment of her success brought her great joy. Her creation was to the form of a young girl, housing the powers of both angelic and demonic skill she was come to be known as the dark queen Larissa Blackstaff.

For a time the creation brought to the red dragon much wealth and power but this only held for a few short years, Larissa caught on the the mental link and with the great intellect she as well held she broke free of the hold conflicting Sephinroth to a mertally wounding fight. Larissa spared her life in thanks for the gift of godness she gave her and no longer able to control her actions Sephinroth hid from her abonimation until trapping and containing Larissa came to birth.

Encasing her to a crystal tomb Sephinroth never carried the power to end Larissa fully, but as the monster now took to a final rest did thoughts of torment linger to Sephinroth`s mind. The years of her brought enemies to her no matter where she turned, the air, land sea and outer planes all held death marks upon her sight. She again was desperate and with noe family of her own to hide with she was forced to one last option, she drew up a ritual that was only allowed once to a dragon drawing upon the very life essance to be granted one wish. Hers was the retreat from all beings on her name and actions she had done over the last ten thousand years, to retract all her deeds from the shadows of time. As the ritual was completed the cost to her silence and security from the world was a grave one as she now would hold the knowledge and guilt alone, the spell took from Sephinroth her natural ability to reproduce eggs. a fitting end to a supreme being as her quest to create life took that very skill from her.

Now only remembered by those few who share her intellect level was a new goal drawn up, to regain back what was lost from her soul…by any means nessesary!

Lalandra- Elder Silver Dragon

By definition silver dragons are well and all skilled beings second only to one in the matallic ranking scale, the gold dragon. They opperate as healers and guides to kindoms that share borders with their own lair, such kindomds have to be deemed worthy by the beast and rarly are the kindoms even aware they are blessed with such aid. But for one such dragon did her skills get honed well, silver dragons carried a bouns to the other dragons, they could repopulat at a faster rate. conceving with eggs only every eight hundred years and sooner. One dragon named Sephinroth knew of this and often challenged Lalandra for possesion of her eggs to fulfill a personal goal, in a fight one on one Lalandra beat back Sephinroth every time.

Lalandra was stronger and faster, but as Sephinroth`s magical mind was far superior to her own Lalandra was caught into a trap. Forced into a imprisioned body of the little girl Lalandra was left valnerable and without aid, her knowledge and magic was link to her dragon body and left long enough from it, she would cease to exist.

She seeked refuge to a band of Drow (Dark Elven humaniods) that were already on the run from their own, one Captain name Straud she confided in on her issue and with aid by his strong will and training did she again revert back to who origial form. Worried during her resolvment she asked the Drow rebels to hide her eggs as Sephinroth was highly sucessful in finding her lairs, greatful to the rebels group she took an alliance with them for any future relation and took back to her old life.

Lalandra relocated again to an isolated mountain region near the human city of Silverspire and to her good fortune, the magical imprisonment by Sephinroth lowered her magical scent to a unforscene luck that prevented the red beast from catching her location.