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The Villians of my book

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Colossus-Evil Archenemy to the chosen. Main evil in book adventure.

The once proud human son to parents Diana and Medoes Kane. Marcus Kane now Colossus was raised in the home of his family bloodline, a home that was secret to most of the known realm. Their secrecy was a most needed one because of two reasons. First his family held to its blood line a half celestial nature that gave then heightened abilities like long life and resistances. This was sought out for both trophies to high-end collectors and hunters and to be extracted in order to imbue weapons and armor with the power. The second reason was because of the Kane’s natural ability to creat spells and items that to the very day are fought over as their creativeness and construction have yet to be matched or beaten. Marcus’s home life was full of love and attention, he aided both his parents as much as he could and through the aid absorbed much they knew. Marcus was very gifted in quick study and became almost as good as his parents were to the arts in nearly half the time. But when the dreaded night came of the demonic attack upon his hidden home, Marcus’s unseen side shone bright. very rare it was that Marcus couldn’t do something to its peak power but when it happened, he destroyed it from existence. And upon that dreaded night of his parents death Marcus started his campaign to erase all evil from the realm…no matter the degree or cost. Marcus created a faction known as the Zenith Clan, and his home was base for the clan’s organization. He tracked down all powers he could find from the best fighters in their fields to the most powerful spell casters and creatures the realm had to offer. Marcus was very narrow sited to his goal and quickly grew in power honing his own abilities to their peak output. Members included many legends and even the parents to the chosen were recruited. The enforcement to the peace keeping proved succesful in every way it was created for, but one thing went wrong. Marcus never stopped he continued his battlement to the realm and as the great murders and blood warlords became extinguished Marcus now turned to lesser evil as the new threat. His group began to see that no one was to be safe if they had any offences to their name and Marcus now was becoming the evil. In a lasting desperate attempt to halt his actions from undoing what he had built Marcus was forced into a conflict with his own clan which untimely brought about the death of Marcus and the creation of Colossus!

Logan Silias- Vampire/Holy Knight

Holding a ongoing tally of now 600 years to his age. This master mind that runs his founded Nod clan allies himself with the dreaded Colossus for his own personal reasons. With his Nod group always causing havoc and pain this what seems to be blood thirsty warlord wasn’t always this way. upon the earlier stages of his known mortality Logan was once a knight of the holy order. A Paladin, he was sworn by his own soul to hunt and protect life from what he had now become. And in his own mind during a raid of Vampires that went horribly wrong Logan will forever hold one man responsible for the changing corse of his life. Lord Straud, uncle to the chosen children. Logan tried to repent from what had happened to him but a uncontrollable rage over turned him when he got mad and the longer he went the more intense his self staving blood lust became, taking months to finally return to his home clan Logan was met by fear and accusation. And from the fueling fires of both his self-hatred and his desiring wish for blood Logan finally snapped. He raided the life from his own clan, killing everyone, solders, children, friends…and even his very own family.

Sophie- High Lady Matriarch, ruler of the Drow nation.

From a very young age Sophie held to her most inner being a darkness, a very core of non-morality. Sophie became the ruler to her people just as any Drow women would, she waited till the opportune moment…then she slit the throats of all who opposed her standing while they slept. When Sophie conducted her attack at the age of 2000 years; all her family was accounted for but one…her older sister, mid-aged of the siblings. Still to Sophie’s knowledge does she not know if Cynn, her missing sister knew about the attack or if it was pure luck she wasn’t there, but even against Cynn’s older age, higher intellect and greater power wielding the use of sorcery. Sophie was still a greater being, Sophie held to her the powers of the mind, Telepathy as well as telekinesis. And combined with the stability of a fully aware sociopath Sophie was quiet simply a walking nuclear weapon. To her mind always grew the fear of what she did to her family, and making sure it never happened to her Sophie took action by implanting a device into her chest that caused any male that came to close to her to instantly disintegrate. Her sister Cynn now her greatest rival led a rebellion against Sophie freeing all who didn’t wish to be under Sophie’s rule and even after 8000 years of fighting and fleeing from both sides Cynn and Her sister are still at war with two moral sates as the banners, Sophie’s -Being to continue the ruling and runner fear the Drow name has carved over the years in blood and pain. And Cynn’s -To once again attempt to rebuild as her mother was slowly trying to do allowing the Drow to again be part of the great realm instead of the darkened shadow.

Aries; High Drow Captain of the guard to the matriarch’s forces.

Aries’s Rank of high Captain entitles his leadership to be as dark as Sophie’s and he holds the rank well, 1st Captain he is not however as that position is held by one higher, A Captain by the name of Stryker. Aries is full Drow but within his blood line  lies a taint that has lingered since her birth, his half-sister Alisianna, This half Drow how fell to the side of the chosen and into the loving arm of one of the brothers now has fueled Arie’s hate to fully be rid of his half blood sister. It has always been a thorn in his side an into his military career that his blood line wasn’t fully Drow, by murdering his whole family in the name of his pledge to Sophie it was still not thing remained to be cleansed. Aries has hunted down his sister but her knowledge of the wilderness and woods has kept her alive and away from his iron rustic grasp. Aries’s continuing failure to end her life has brough him to the brink of insanity and even now just the mention of her name to his ears causes him to brutalize or even kill one of his own men if their close enough at the time.

Drakon- Drow Dark  Wizard

Drakon unlike the others to his side didn’t kill his family, I think there still alive is some form or another. He prefers pain and suffering to victims instead of death but sometimes bad stuff happens as he says. Drakon is rouge mercenary with high intelligence and continuously prostitutes his magical services out to fully cause damage yes but make a profit  as well. He knows the tracking ways as well as an elder ranger would and holds enough skill as a magic user to make his own perversions of spells already powerful. The one with the most coin and with the most needed to be eliminated at Drakon’s own pleaser is who Drakon will always side with and for the time of the tale that being is Colossus.

Namor -Stormguard Royal Embassador

Namor is not exactly with Colossus in the grand scheme but his owns agenda runs with him some what in the sense to hold back the chosen. Namor is a mid-age ambitious man with only one goal, to better himself any way possible. And that brings problems when his royal perverted sight’s focus upon Elanee. He wishes to make her his future bride and will exploit all avenues to get her. Namor holds no like for any type of fighter with a blade in his hand but he will use them as a forceful arm to his own end, but one he will never bend to using is mages of sorcerer’s. to him there only good use is as slaves to imbue weapons for his men. And to his much displeasing Rain; the middle brother of the chosen is Namor’s greatest hurdal. And adding pain upon itself Rain is also a Sorcerer.