About the book “The Chosen Colossus of Evil”

For all beings are the paths of fate carved, but for three dark eleven children did the loss of their parents put their fates in clear unwanted view. Being murdered by a wizard in the body of a beastly Minatare, this brutal unscrupulous terror was bent on ruthless backlash to all in the realm for his own dark suffering past.

Through the aging course of fifteen years, being both guided and protected by their new guardian uncle did the children’s mission finally start. Forced for their own safety from all they knew they leave their home that was fashioned in a world under the world. Their clan was nothing more than a rebel shadow of their old race, driven into hiding from persecution and disloyalty of not willing to uphold the continuing evil traditions of their ancestral nature; and with struggles unseen they fight to emerge from the shadows to the surface realm, with a final goal to one day be again equal both in sociological weight and rank.

Accomplishing such tasks held its risks; for the three on their endeavor discover the complications of sibling rivalry, loyalty and personal acceptance.

Unexpectedly do they find trials of the body, mind and soul with allied companions along their journey, that introduce them to truth, love and self sacrifice when stories of their own past intertwined with theirs.

Will such tasks lead the children to the same doom that brought them to this very dark alley; or strengthen their resolve through the sight of true purpose not only to defeat their mortal enemy, but defend their continuing wished existence within the realm?


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